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hair serum

HAIR OIL ENRICHED argan oil, avocado, macadamia nut oils, vit. A, C, E, and Pro-Vit. B5. Professional hair treatment serum for all hair types – long, curly, red, damaged, thin, thick, dry, colored, blonde, dark etc.

HAIR SERUM GIVES EXTREME SOFTNESS to the hair and makes it easier to comb when dry. Lock in moisture and leave the hair SOFT with EXTREME SHINE.

ONLY 30 SECONDS TO USE HAIR VITAMINS – you need not wait until hair serum works and then rinse it. Simply apply after hair wash and style or dry your hair as normal.

HAIR TREATMENT – Long lasting hydration to keep your hair looking its best for every occasion.

HAIR CONDITIONER for SALON FINISH LOOKING SILK HAIR – with oils and vitamins to repair, condition and strengthen each individual strand for a beautiful, glossy salon finish.

Hair Serum


hair serum

hair treatment

hair oil

Adriana P.

“I have long hair with highlights. My favorite aspect of BaliSecret serum is that your hair doesn’t get greasy unlike most hair treatments! I’m in love it…”

Jessica H.

“Keep my locs moisturized! Love this formula directly after washing and before blow drying and then finish off my look with a little more…”

Helen T.

“These are little capsules that you break open and apply to hair. Makes my hair smooth and soft. Perfect for travel because they’re individual one use capsules…”

hair treatment serum

hair vitamin

hair vitamins

Dana O.

“Makes hair healthy-looking, smooth and shiny. This is perfect oil for apply when your hair is damage…”

Jane U.

“I applied all over my hair and I feel different rigth way. Also, this amazing oil smell so good…”

Molly S.

“My hair is feeling extra soft and super shiny after using my Bali Secret hair vitamin. Not to mention my curls love it and are thriving. it’s a must try…”

hair conditioner

hair oils

hair silk

Carmen L.

“I’m a low maintenance kind of girl.The first time I tried this serum it gave my hair that smooth and silky texture I’ve always wanted!Oh and it smells so yummy…”

Natalie T.

“I’ve been testing this hair treatment serum for a couple of weeks and I’m loving every result, my hair is very soft, not to mention that it is growing stronger…”

Pamela R.

“I’ve been using it all summer and fall. It’s so easy to use and I noticed instant results. My hair feels softer, no more frizziness and it looks amazing…”

hair oil


1. Could I use this instead of a traditional conditioner for similar results?

This hair serum can be used to control frizz or boost shine. You can even use it while styling and straightening hair, but the serum cannot replace a traditional conditioner.

2. How long do I have to wait to see visible results?

You can see the results after 3 uses, but some customers see visible results after the first use! The argan oil in it works to create an unbelievable effect! Many people absolutely love this product, especially with this humid weather lately. The extent of the effects of the serum depends on the level of hair damage, as well as hair type and length.

3. I need to get an awesome result per week! As I understood, I can’t use these capsules very often or even if I do, the result will not be better. I am wrong?

You can use one capsule every time after you wash your hair. Washing your hair twice per week is recommended for medium length hair, so you can use it two or three times per week. Using it more will not improve the results.

4. How strong is the fragrance after using the serum? Will it overpower the smell of my perfume?

It starts a little strong when you first apply it, but after styling, it fades away and becomes mild. In my case, the fragrance is totally gone in one day! After several uses, it will not be felt at all. I use my perfumes after using the serum, and they do not mix.

5. Is there any need to use this product for hair treatment if my hair is totally dry but very oily near the roots?

Of course, you should try it for sure! When dry, our hair produces oils to avoid breakage. If you provide your hair with the hydration that it needs, then it will not get as oily. Try to cut down to washing your hair to only twice a week and use a small dose of the serum on damp hair. Apply it to the ends of your hair, avoiding the roots. I am confident that this procedure will solve your problem!


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